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Elroy Harris

Elroy Harris is a feisty, salty sage who dares to speak where "angels fear" with light hearted grace. He doesn't speak with a forked tongue, but slams to the heart of the matter with few words. His opinions are his own and he doesn't ask permission of anyone to say them.
  Elroy first appeared in print in the mystery novel by Nash Black, Prelude of Death.
When confronted by an irate minister who declares, "The wages of sin is death. Elroy replies, "Shucks Preacher, if the devil  don't pay no better than that, I won't work for him."
   Since then he has managed to worm his way into their mysteries and ghost stories, either as a character or a teller of a ghostly tale.
    Elroy abides in a hand-crafted house boat, built from century old logs dredged up from the bottom of the Cumberland River, deep in Ono County. He earns his living as a mechanic and a distiller of fine, though illegal, apple brandy.
   Sheriff Dan Sommers complains to Jim Young. "If Elroy puts a governor that kicks in a 85 on my cruiser one more time I'll arrest him for obstruction of justice."